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You write a post. You pour your heart and soul into it. You are convinced it is THE post of the year. You press publish and wait for the social media frenzy. And you wait and wait some more.

There are four things that help’s a post become shareable instead of one that just sits there collecting dust.


The first is knowing your reader. That target audience that you are…well targeting. Do you know what they want to read? Do you know the struggle they are facing and have advice or answers for them? If you don’t know any of that how can you write something that they want to read about?

Tip – have a profile page for your ideal reader. Can be handwritten or on your computer, whichever works for you, but build a file of all about your reader. Give them a name if you want, even ‘interview’ them. Just get to know all about them. Then when you know them inside out you can write posts to them. Directed right at them, fixing their problems.

Result – Reader thinks wow this blogger really knows about this and this info is so useful I am going to share this for others to read.

Content a bit fluffy? Maybe you know you need that you’ve not posted in while and craft together a bit of a post. Or maybe it is just a filler post that you know is just filling in till you can write a proper post. Why would anyone share it? What quality are you giving them?

Tip – filler posts are ok when used in moderation or have no expectation of them. Shareable content is top notch, pure stellar gold content.

Result – Reader is blown away how much info is in your post. How much detail you have covered and how it’s blown their mind. They want to share it with others.

Is your headline attention grabbing or a bit wishywashy same as everyone else headline? Have a look at posts and articles you click on. What has made you click those headlines? Headlines that are the same as everyone else won’t get clicked on. Those that have emotions get clicked and shared more. Those that just ramble don’t get clicked or shared.

Lastly, a bit obvious I know, have you made is easy for readers to share your post? Do you have share buttons on your post? Are your posts actually out there in social media land so that readers can read it and share it? You probably shared it when you put the post live but have you shared it again the following week, month and a few months later?


4 Things That Help Posts Get Shared On Social Media 3

4 Things That Help Posts Get Shared On Social Media 3