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The Blogging Hustle eBook

Would you like to learn how to blog and how to earn from your blogging? Are you wondering if you can blog as well as having a main job? Fed up with always being broke? Do you want extra income? Bills, holidays, paid for?

Learn How With The Blogging Hustle eBook

You could be earning extra income from your blogging. If you have a passion you can blog. If you have a blog you can earn from it.

With 77 pages and 11 extra workbook sheets to fill in, you can work at your own pace and start your own money making blog.

The Basics

From what platform to use to what to blog about. The basics to get your blog up and started.

Social Media

What Social Media is, why you need and how to use it to promote your blog.

Earning Money

Can you really earn money from blogging and how you can to start earning money from your blog.

You Will Learn

  • Why should you have a niche? How to choose your niche and pull out to help you discover your niche.
  • What is a successful blog? How do you know when your blog is successful?
  • Why categories and tags are important and what to do with them.
  • Domains and hosting explained in plain English.
  • Which are the most used platform and best to use?
  • Why you need a good theme and where to get a good theme.
  • Why you need style and a style pull out for your blog binder.
  • The plugins that I always install and what they do.


  • How to know what your readers want to read and how to give your readers what they want.
  • There a few things you have to have by law and a few things that should be law.
  • How to constantly have ideas for posts, even when you’re busy.
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the latest DSLR camera or expensive software.
  • The Action Time sheets for new bloggers and existing bloggers.
  • How to write to your target reader plus pull out for your blog binder.
  • How BoardBooster gets me so much more traffic. How to set it up and why you should be using it.
  • How Coschedule powers up your social media posting
  • How to set up your Pinterest account and get the most out of your pins
  • How to set up Twitter and get tweeting
  • Why you need to be on Facebook and how to get your posts seen
  • How to set up Instagram and get your pictures seen

Ready To Start Earning Money from Blogging?