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Growing my blog traffic from Pinterest is so much easier now that I learned how to use BoardBooster. I learned on the Pinfinite Course that I did earlier in the year that the secret of getting more followers and traffic to my blog lay in getting to grips with Pinterest. Imparticular in pinning lots as Pinterest is, after all, a search engine and requires constant feeding. It does reward though with lots of lovely traffic and new followers. BoardBooster helps by doing lots of the boring bits for you, leaving you time to get on with other blogging tasks.

The Proof

You can see below the difference my other blog had once I started using BoardBooster. In the top picture, you can see I was getting about 14 daily clicks a day to my website from Pinterest in May. I started the course in April when my Pinterest traffic was even lower than May. So May was the first full month and I was rather pleased to see it starting to work. The middle picture is August and you can see my average daily visitors from Pinterest to my blog has risen to about 130. That’s just from Pinterest. I wouldn’t be able to get the same amount of pinning done each day if I didn’t use BoardBooster.

Oh and another brilliant thing that you can see in the July picture is the spike. One of the pins took off and wow big spike in numbers. Can you see now how it should be a must to learn how to use Boardbooster ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.08.18

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.09.43 Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 14.09.15

BoardBooster gives you a lovely 100 free pins which are nice but no use at all if you don’t know how to set it up. I know I looked at BoardBooster before I did the course and it scared the life out of me. So I thought `I would do how-to so that you can learn how to use Boardbooster (with pictures) so you can start getting traffic from Pinterest too.

We are going to go over …

  • Creating your BoardBooster account.
  • Connecting your new Boardbooster account to your Pinterest account.
  • How to add boards to the Scheduler, setting up the Scheduler and tweaking the settings.
  • Setting up and configuring Looping.

Learn how to use Boardbooster

First, you need to set up a new account on BoardBooster . When you first get to BoardBooster it looks like this.

BoardBooster main screen

Click the Sign Up For Free Trial Button which will give you a box to enter your details. Make sure you pick the correct time zone too.

boardbooster create an account

BoardBooster will then ask you to link up your Pinterest account if it doesn’t go to the Account button on the top right and under your Profile details you can add your Pinterest details and it will link up. If for any reason do send a quick message to support as they are super helpful

Scheduling on BoardBooster

Next, we are going to set up Scheduling . Head over to Pinning Tools and in the drop down click on Scheduling. As you have your Pinterest account connected it will bring up a box showing you all your boards. Bit like the one below which is of my own account.

boardbooster scheduing page


Select the board that you want to schedule pins too. You can select as many as you want or as few as you want.

BoardBooster will then show you a settings page which is below and has an advanced option which is in the second picture.

boardbooster scedule options page

boardbooster schedule options page advanced

You can either tweak the settings at this point or leave it at these setting as you can edit the settings whenever you want.

When you press Submit it may look like it’s not doing anything. It doesn’t panic. What it is doing is creating a secret board for each board you selected to schedule too. So if I picked Blog Content it would create a secret board on Pinterest for me and would have the same name with ” around it.

Next, you have to fill the secret boards on Pinterest. Log into your Pinterest account and go to your profile , scroll to the bottom to your secret boards and you will see your new source boards for BoardBooster. They are at the moment empty so you need to go to your feed and repin all those exciting pins you want to share with your followers to your new secret board. Fill it as much as possible. If you have it set to 3 pins a day 7 days a week you will need at least 21 pins on that secret board for BoardBooster to pin out during the week for you. Do this for all your secret boards you have created.

You can soon get into the habit of filling your secret boards up once a week or month or as time allows.

Looping on BoardBooster

Looping is the secret sweet spot of BoardBooster. It’s getting older pins that you pinned in front of your lovely newer followers. Basically, it takes a pin from the bottom of the pile in your board and puts it at the front. It waits a few days and then whichever of the two pins are doing the best with repins etc it keeps and it deletes the lesser pin.

Back in BoardBooster go to Pinning Tools then Looping . Click Add Boards and like with the Scheduler it will give you a list of boards. It’s a good idea to have at least 100 pins on a board before you start Looping. Pick the boards you want to Loop on and Boardbooster will pull those boards for you. You can now edit your settings. The maximum you can loop per day on a board is 12. But if you have 10 boards and they are full enough to loop 12 pins a day ( ideally several hundred pins in that board) then you are effectively repinning 120 pins a day!!.

Ready to try out your free 100 pins at Boardbooster ?