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There’s no two ways about it – working in the fast-changing, ever-evolving digital landscape is exciting. With the industry developing at the rate of knots, no two days are the same; staying abreast of changes to platforms like Google and Facebook is fascinating and challenging in equal measure.

Add freelancing into the mix, and you have a heady cocktail. Between juggling tasks, maintaining relationships, and wading through admin, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.

As a content writer based between London and the Midlands, I’m familiar with the difficulties faced. But working with Croud, a global digital agency based in London, has allowed me to better embrace the benefits of freelancing.

Croud has it covered  

When it comes to admin organisation, Croud’s got it down to a T. I can split my time between both locations as it suits me. As long as I complete the work to the required standard, and hit the deadline, I can work in whatever way I find most useful. Croud have developed their own technology for managing tasks with their freelancers, which streamlines the entire process. It ensures that briefs are always delivered clearly and concisely, and payments run like clockwork. What’s more, Croud lets me set my hourly rate, which I can change as I develop both my expertise and my relationships with the in-house team.

Working with an agency means that I have the opportunity to work on big-name brands I might otherwise find difficult to access. Whether it’s writing and editing copy for a Victoria’s Secret report, or concocting sharp short-form for Frontier’s Facebook advertisements, I get to broaden my portfolio and industry-specific knowledge at the same time. Furthermore, the wide range of tasks that are available to me means that I am able to expand my knowledge of digital marketing more generally; seeing how PPC adverts are constructed, understanding the process behind crafting a great display ad. Perhaps most importantly for my skill set, Croud’s SEO offering means that I’m learning more and more about what makes good technical copywriting, a key skill for writers working in the digital sphere.

The Croudie network

One of my biggest struggles working freelance is feeling removed from my clients. Croud has this covered and there’s even a specific team dedicated to the network of freelancers, who are always finding ways to optimise our experience; from making sure that everyone gets maximum visibility when it comes to opportunities, to organising industry meetups for the freelancers to attend. They’re constantly analysing how best to expand their offering, and how to bring new exciting opportunities to the freelancers who work with them. Furthermore, they allow me to be as engaged or detached as I need to be, letting me take on as much or as little work as my schedule allows, according to what else I have on in the week. It helps too that they’re easy to get hold of if I have any questions. Ultimately, their involvement makes me a part of the wider company. They’ve even coined a new term for the freelancers they work with; ‘Croudies’, putting us linguistically and literally at the centre of what they do. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what opportunities it brings next!

If you wish to join the Croudie Network and learn more then please click here.