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Google is big, very big. Probably the most well-known search engine and also probably the most used. It’s so well known that we don’t say we will search something instead we say we will Google something. As Bloggers we get caught up with the numbers, we watch stats far more than we should or admit to. We notice if someone searches our name and we can obsessive if numbers go the wrong way. It happens, though, we think we have it sussed and then Google does a tweak to its algorithm and numbers plummet and bloggers hyperventilate.

But why are we so hell-bent on putting all our eggs into one basket, a google basket. There are other ways to get traffic and if you learn how to get traffic elsewhere you won’t get so concerned if Google tweaks its algorithms.

Build Your Email List

Growing your email list is the most important and beneficial thing you can do for your blog. Yes, you need traffic in to build your list in the first place but so many ( me included) people think of growing their email list way down the line. Almost as a last resort. Get ahead of the game and start growing your list from day one.

Why? Someone who has taken the botheration to type their email address into your little box for whatever freebie you are giving away is a willing and ready audience.  They are saying ‘ hey I like your stuff ‘. You can’t really get much more targetted and willing than this. You can then send your email list emails about special offers, eBooks …anything that your reader needs in their life and you are offering.

How? If you did not get it set up already look into MailChimp to start collecting emails. If you want to really get series about it then look into Convertkit. This is I think about the best thing I did to up my game. I have a post about it here if you want to learn more. It basically lets you offer a download. But the best bit is that you can create different downloads and then set each post to either show the default one or a specific one. You can, of course, do way more but it’s just so user-friendly and the reports are so useful. You can see who opened an email. Who clicked on which link. So much useful info that you can use to really understand your email list.


You can never have too many people in your network. Some people get scared to mingle with other bloggers in case they pinch their traffic. Get over it. Yes everyone is blogging but everyone is different, everyone has different skills. Bloggers who support each other with promotions, posts, answers to questions etc are more likely to grow than billy no mates.

Why? Bloggers are generally a helpful bunch. They know they were a newbie once and many do offer help to the newer bloggers. But it’s things like support that they are the best at. If you a blog post that needs a push as maybe it has a competition then reaching out to your network of bloggers is more likely to get the post shared and the results you want than a blog post just sitting there doing nothing.

How?  Research your niche and find fellow bloggers. Be genuine and don’t just think it’s the well-established bloggers that are useful. They all are. Interact with them so they know you like them but not in a stalker kind of way.

Content – Fabulous Content

Anyone can produce content. But what you should be aiming at is providing your readers with solid gold, stella, fabulous knock them dead content. Every single time.

Why? Producing fabulous content builds your reputation. It shows you know your stuff. That you are the go-to person on that topic. Readers will see this and bookmark you and come back for more. They are more likely to go directly to your site with the stellar content then faff about searching the subject. They know you deliver.

How? First, you need to know your subject. Inside out and be all over it. Then work out what your readers are struggling with and give them the answers. If you can do a brainstorming session and schedule posts so that they are in logical order then you can schedule social media posts to promote your posts too.

How Not To Rely On Just Google For Traffic 3

How Not To Rely On Just Google For Traffic 3