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What do you do when you’re in the queue at the supermarket and its taking forever? Or when you’re being a teens taxi and waiting for them ? Or anywhere and you have to wait? If you’re anything like me and have discovered Pinterest you will probably be found scrolling through your Pinterest feed.

Apparently, about 80% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from a mobile device of some kind. 80% that’s a lot of people looking at Pinterest just on their little mobile screen, isn’t it.

So how do you make sure your pins, on Pinterest, are totally rocking it on the Pinterest app?

The first thing you have to do is have Rich Pins. Rich Pins are so much more than a normal pin. It has bold and unbold text for starters which is a lot more visually attractive than a boring old normal pin. And they more meta description going on. Have a scroll through your feed and see if you can spot them. I just scrolled through mine and found an example straight away.

example of rich pins on pinterest

See how the pin on the left has a bold font for its title , then a description. The pin on the right hasnt. The pin on the left has rich pins. As Pinterest is a search engine the better the description the better it is found. So visually it makes sense and from an SEO view, it makes sense too.

To get rich pins it’s probably way easier to read the post on Pinterest has, as well, they are the experts. It’s here.

The other thing to keep in mind is your actual pin design. That little font you used may be totally readable on the laptop as your designing but what about when its about 2 inches high? Will it still be readable on a mobile? Keep your designs simple. Not over fussy so that they don’t look hectic and confusing on a little screen.

Watch your analytics for pin tips. There is nothing to stop you creating more than on pin for a post. You can add a pin straight from your desktop so, in theory, you could post a post several times with a different image each time. I say ‘in theory’ as its possible to do but not something you really want to be doing as you should have your blogs style all figured and keep a consistency with it. But it’s ok to try 2 different pins to see which works better. By looking at your analytics you can see which pins are working best on desktop or mobile.