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Yay you finally managed to get onto Pinterest, your even pinning daily and have seen a bit of traffic to your blog from Pinterest. But now what? Now you get series and check out Tailwind as this makes it all so much easier. If you’re new to Tailwind I can give you a month FREE to try it out by using this link Month Free Tailwind.

Once you have had a look round head to the left and find Tribes. This is your new secret sauce to getting your pins out there to more people. Tailwind tribes are really just a group of like-minded ( niche) pinners wanting to get their pins out to more people. You add your pins to the tribe and then the other pinners in the group share it with their followers in their Tailwind queue.

Each Tribe will have its own rules so always check those out first and if you’re happy with their rules to click join. Rules will normally be like for every pin you share pin another 2 of someone else’s within the tribe. Oh and probably to keep on the topic. So if you’re in a Tribe about Walking the Tibetan Mountains they won’t want to see pins about your latest DIY project.


Soooo remember to

1.Follow the rules, if you don’t you will be removed from the tribe.

2.Most tribes request that you only pin vertical pins and/or high-quality content. But then thats only what you should be adding to Pinterest anyway.

But what tribes to join? Well, this is a list in progress so bookmark this page so that you can check back when there are new Tribes to join.

If you have a Tailwind Tribe you would like added to the list please add into the comments and I will add to the list.