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With blogging becoming so popular it is way too easy to blend in, just be part of the crowd. Shuffle along in your own little world with not many people noticing you. But wouldn’t you like to know how to stand out in the blogging crowd ? To be the blogger they remember? To be the blogger that is one of the ones that earns from their blog or achieves whatever goals you have set yourself?


It can be hard to distinguish, though, one blog from another and it’s not just in looks with themes and colour schemes being used over. It’s in the writing style too. My other blog is a parenting blog…yawn…I mean everyone does a parenting blog. I get it, though. You give birth to which is a miracle in self then for more years than you remember your life revolves around this burping pooing little bundle of an acorn. You manage to teach it to walk, talk and dress itself all whilst remaining fairly same. You want to share with the world that you managed to do this amazing thing that several other millions have managed too. You have lost all career skills and the only thing you know how to do, even in your sleep, is be a parent. So, of course, that is what your blog is about.

BUT if you want your blog to stand out, if you want the world to hear your battle cry, you have a few things you need to do.

First and the most important one is to be yourself. That bit just right there is probably the biggest bit of advice ever. It is what will make your blog different because even though there are zillions of us on the planet, we are all completely different. Embrace that, run with it, no actually don’t just run with it, sprint its little socks off.

Share Your Story. So your life revolves around little acorn. But there must be and will be something that makes your story different to everyone else’s. Mine is that I am a single parent, to teenagers and not ashamed of it. That’s my story. What’s yours?

Have An Opinion. Anyone can be a sheep and follow what everyone else is saying, believing and doing. Have an opinion and be proud of it. Dare to be different. Yes, you may piss off a few but you will gain far more credibility instead.

Don’t Please Everyone. Well, you can if you want but no one remembers the person who tries to please everyone. Instead have one thing your fantastic at, one thing that everyone turns to you for. One thing that you truly excel at.

Don’t Be In It For The Money. The big trend bucker. Instead of being driven by money, be driven by the care. Care about people, your readers, a service you offer. Just give a darn instead of instead of counting the money. Too many people these days are in it for themselves and it shows.


How To Stand Out In The Blogging Crowd 2

How To Stand Out In The Blogging Crowd 2