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Now I am sure you are rocking your day look very well but I am meaning your blog’s style. A good style is consistent, thought out and functional. This means the fonts are readable, in keeping with the content ( so no comic sans font on a serious themed content) and consistent throughout the site. It’s ok to pair two up with one for headers and one for main text but having lots of different fonts won’t work.

Rabbit in the headlights look again? I know you just want to blog and get on with it all. I get you I totally do. I didn’t get my act together on this until several years too late and even now it can be a bit iffy. I wish I had someone telling me at the very beginning that I would thank them later if I got half of all this figured out at the beginning.

And back to styles….Same with colours. You want colours that reflect your content, that compliment the feel of your site. You don’t have to limit yourself to two colours on this one but they should all work together.

A good way to work out what you like and don’t like it to trawl your favourite sites but note the colours and fonts. What colour combos are you liking, which ones you are not keen on? Make notes. Have a love list but also a not love list too.

A handy thing to do, especially if you’re like me and a bit like a butterfly and flit from one thing to another, is to create a style file. It involves a bit of a brainstorming session to decide what you want, then fills it in and refer to it when you’re creating something. That way instead of trying to match a colour and failing you will have your colour numbers to hand and your colours are always the same. Oh, look a style file is included in the pullouts.

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Your Style Start A Blog Series

Your Style Start A Blog Series