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Blogging Goals

Blogging Goals

Blogging goals are essential. I use to think setting goals was for boring people. That people who set goals had to as they had no drive in life. I know now that I was young and naive and its actually those that succeed in life are those who make goals.

When you have a goal you have some thing to aim for. You have something to drive for. Goals help you grow and develop and this applies to your blog too. If you set goals for your blog, your blog will grow and develop into something awesome.


First up we need to break the big goals down into stages because if you listed every single goal you would get really disheartened at the list of goals and give up. Start with the long term blogging goals and bigger blogging goals so that you work backwards and break them down.

Long Term Blogging Goals

This could be anything that you want to achieve in about year or more. These long term blogging goals or bigger goals will encourage you to dream big. They give your blog direction instead of it floundering around ¬†and you not knowing what you want your blog to achieve or where you want your blog to be in years, 5 years or even 10 years time. These long term goals or big goals aren’t going to achieved in the next 6 months so shoot for something with wow factor too as well as your realistic ones.

Write these goals down in good old pen and paper or on your phone ( I bet theres 101 apps for goal setting). When you first thrash out your long term and big goals it might be best to put a goal a page so that you can break them down into smaller more manageable goals.

My list is something like:

  • Give up the day job.
  • Change the main PC to Mac.
  • Have 10,000 on my email list.

This is just a few but you get the idea. Ive picked these three as they are something for me that my blog can give me, for it to earn money for me, something gadgety as that is something I love and something that is making my blog grow.

Short Term Goals

For me this is anything thats not in the long term/big goal list and won’t fit into my list by the end of the week. These are goals that still need some planning out and probably are steps towards your big goals.

So mine are …

  • Reduce shifts at work – so working towards the main goal of giving up the day job.
  • Save money each month – to get the dream Mac computer.
  • Aim to get 100 email subscribers in a months time – and goes towards the big goal of lots of lovely readers.

Now Goals

These are things that are on my weekly todo list that I try and plan out every Sunday evening. They are a mixture of things but do include steps towards my short term goals.

These are things you can easily do in the week as there is nothing more motivating than seeing a big tick against things on your list.

So this week I am going to be doing…

  • Sorting a budget so that I know how much my blog needs to be earning so that I can reduce my shifts at the day job and also the figure I need to be earning to say tata to the day job altogether.
  • Set up a standing order for the savings.
  • Check my email subscriber box is working, thats its inviting and work on the freebie enticer so that it is top notch.

If my week is looking really busy I also break it down even more so that I know what I am doing each day. Nothing worse than staring at a list and not knowing where to start. With it broken down daily and just get on with the task on the list.

When your first goal setting you probably go through several pages scribbling back and forth till you nail down each little goal that works towards your bigger goal. Once you got it figured out create a nice neat list and work your way to those ticks.


Blogging Goals 1

Blogging Goals 1