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Myths in Blog Monetisation

Myths in Blog Monetisation

Making money with your blog is what most people want to know about. They see post titles where people shout about earning 4,5 and 6 figures with their blog. While this may true for some lucky bloggers it isn’t the case for all bloggers. Here are the 3 biggest myths floating around out there about blog monetization.


You’ll Only Make Money With Your Blog If Your Traffic Is Huge

Yes having lots of visitors to your blog does help but it’s not the be-end of it all. I’ve had my parenting blog for many years and in that time I have seen my daily visitor numbers go up and down. When it was at its highest and getting around 500 daily new visitors it wasn’t earning much. Now, after several Google algorithm changes, numbers have settled to around 150 a day. And guess what? it earns more now.

The trick to it is to diversify your revenue streams, only work with reputable brands that are paying you fairly, using affiliate links effectively and treating your blog as a marketing vehicle to sell products or services then you don’t need huge traffic numbers.

Bloggers Only Make Money Through Ads

Er no. It use to be that a  blogger could add a bit of advert code or banner to the side of their blog and whohoooo the money rolled in. But that doesn’t happen now as readers have become banner blind. It isn’t the best way to earn money from a blog anymore. I still use ads but only if it’s totally in keeping with the blog and I don’t assume I’ll retire on the earnings. Now it’s more about being smart and diversifying. Thinking out of the box to create revenue streams. Earning a realistic income that will actually earn enough to pay a bill or two.

Banners and ads also send all those lovely readers you slogged your guts out to get to your blog off to a different site. They might not come back. It’s more lucrative if you can turn those readers into customers of you.

Bloggers Have to Craft Or Make Something Like Jewellery or Bookmarks (?!) To Sell Something To Readers

The trick is to work out what your ideal readers biggest problem is. Work out how to fix that problem with something you can sell to them. It can be a product like an ebook or course where you teach them something or maybe a service you can provide. It has to solve a problem for there to be a need ( in customers) to buy it. Start small so that you can see what sells then when you find your ideal product or service you can scale up as your customer base grows.

Some ideas to get you thinking….

Printables: Have you got your housework skills honed to a fine art and a weekly cleaning schedule that blows all others out of the water ? You can make that into a printable and sell it. Think worksheets and organizational tools as they can be applied to just about everything in life. But one thing, make sure you under promise and over deliver. Blow your reader’s socks off and they will come back for your next printable.

Online Course: These are so popular right now as people are keen to learn right now. Not next month or next season when college opens. A course can be video, workbooks, content or all of it. Find something your readers need to learn, that you know more about than them and teach them.

Freelance Writing: love to blog? Put it to good use and get paid for it by writing blog posts for other companies and brands.

Myths in Blog Monetisation 2

Myths in Blog Monetisation 2