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List of Recommended Blogger Networks

List of Recommended Blogger Networks

Over in my post Making Money from Your Blog I mentioned briefly several different ways to earn money with your blog. One being sponsored posts. These are great if PR’s contact you and offer you sponsored posts but what if you’re not getting any advertising inquiries dropping into your email inbox? You can join a blogger network where you apply or pitch for an assignment.


In this list of blogger networks, there are lots of different types so here is a mix of parent networks, paid reviews, affiliate networks, paid social media post networks and few others.

Blogger Networks

BlogHer – they won’t accept blogs that don’t follow the FTC’s rules. I.e if you have posts that are sponsored and you’ve not disclosed they won’t accept your blog. They want blogs that are written by women or for a female audience. That is updated weekly but more preferably twice a week or more. More than 90 days old. Doesn’t publish adult content and hosted by a service that allows your own advertising ( i.e not wordpress.com)
The Blogger Network – Now called Monumetric  – starting at 10k page views a month, Monumetric has a choice of 4 programmes for you to join. Lots of advice and help to grow your monetization.
IZEA – connects influential content creators with the world’s biggest brands.
Link Vehicle – Minimum payout is $10 on the 1st of each month. Link Vehicle works on a 50/50 split so keep that in mind when you work out your pricing when you register with them.
Stiletto Media – Stiletto Media requires your blog to be updated at least once a week.
Mom Bloggers Club
Social Fabric
Social Spark
Clever Girls
Share a Sale – affiliate network

It’s a good idea to reach out to a network via twitter to see if your blog qualifies.

This list of blogger networks is just a brief list of those available. I will create a more extensive list and let you all know.


List of Recommended Blogger Networks 1

List of Recommended Blogger Networks 1