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When I first started blogging, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, social media was something you did in your spare time to look up all those you went to school with. Now, I don’t really need to tell you this but I will, social media is up there with the air we breath. It’s everything and everywhere.

It used to be that you weren’t considered series about your business unless you had a website. Then that got changed to a website and a blog. Now you’re nobody unless you’re on social media.

Why? Well, businesses have learnt that they need to be where their target audience hang out. So with everyone being on at least one social media channel, business followed.

So that’s all well and good but when I got round to catching up with the cool gang and started posting links to my little old blog on social media , I was completely drained and knackered by the end of the day. I would post a link to Facebook and then pop over to Twitter and post there. Then someone commented on Facebook, back I went and replied. Then I had to remember to post the link again on Twitter . But then I got to do it all again in a few days and then next week. Oh but then there is older content. I had read that older content can be shared as people might have missed it. Right so on to finding older posts….and breath…oh Pinterest looks interesting,join, create board but wait I got to post to all the relevant boards on there too when I post. And next week, oh hang on I forgot to post that third tweet or was that 4………..aaaghhhhhh Trying to handle social media manually is painful.

I gave up on social media and used the ethos that I can do SEO and I have built it, they will come.

SEO algorithms got tweaked by the Google Gods. And turns out I had all my eggs in one basket because if you build it they don’t come if they don’t know about it.

So I decided to get this social media bad boy in my sights. I can’t remember who pointed my into the direction of CoSchedule but seriously I love them.

If you pop along to Coschedule and try it out for a few weeks all free, your socks will be well and truly blown.

You connect your social media accounts and if you’re on WordPress add the plugin to your site to see the real magic.

The walk through teaching thing is very good so don’t skip that bit. When you have written your nice shiny new post keep scrolling down. There waiting to wave magic wands is Coschedule. You click and choose where you want to share it. Facebook, Twitter takes nanoseconds, you can even choose which boards on Pinterest to post it to.

You can share it all soon as the post is live then repeat choosing where you want it shared  and set it for tomorrow, next week and next month.

You then can look at your calendar and see it all set out in beautiful order for you. If you suddenly think you need to change something just drag and drop to change the day.

Just when you think it can’t get any better you will come across the Top Posts page. After you have shared a few posts you can see how well it was or wasn’t reshared .

I now use social media and have to admit it’s my biggest traffic source now.

Some pretty pictures so can see it but seriously just go and try CoShedule and hold on to your socks. I know there is a cost but its allowed me to up my game, I have a social presence and what it does cost ( which isnt that huge if you factor in ROI) its more than paid for itself and saves me hours each day.


CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.