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So you have your niche all sorted, the theme is looking awesome and you have a posting schedule sketched out. Maybe you even have some blogs post written and are live. Go you!

You have shared them and nothing. No one has commented, you’re probably feeling a bit deflated. You share your posts again on social media. Your Mum comments that ‘it’s lovely darling ‘. That sums up your blog, your sole fan is your Mum who thinks it’s lovely.

Who did you write that post for? Bet it wasn’t for your Mum, as lovely as your Mum is, she probably isn’t your target reader.

Target who what now? You need to know who your target reader is. Using the Cat blog again we can use some assumptions. Cats are normally family pets. They are also portrayed as a single woman pet so we will go with that for this example. So far the target reader will most likely be female. But that doesn’t give us much more to go on.

They are more likely to fall into the 30+ mum group or over 40 spinsters. All terrible clichés I know but were running with it. So now we have some more info. Your reader is less likely to be under 30.

Get some Googling in and you can, with a bit of digging, work out a whole persona for a cat lady. You want to build a complete profile of her so that you know her inside and out. Give her a name if it helps, we will go with Deirdre (apologies to all Deirdre’s who hate cats). So we know what Deirdre likes, her favourite TV programs are soaps, her music interest is mixed but nothing hardcore or loud. We can also assume her income and loads more. Go for as much detail as you can.

You could even go all private eye and create a graphic that has a picture the lot on it.

What you are doing is creating a profile of someone you can blog too.

You can imagine Deirdre is sitting on your sofa. She is telling you what she watched on tv as you natter over tea and cake. She then tells you all her problems with her cat. BOOOMMM you have blogs posts. Answer her problems. Sympathize with her, let her feel you know how she feels and you got her. Blog as if she is your only reader. Blog to Deirdre.

If you even, try it once you will see your blog post is so much different to the other posts you have written.

Action Time 

If you are new to blogging:

  •   Decide if you need grammar and spelling check – check out Grammarly
  •   Create a plan to be able to write every day
  •   Fill up your Kindle
  •   Create a posting schedule – a realistic one
  •   Look up how to use your camera phone
  •   Check out Picmonkey and Canva
  •   Work out who your target reader is
  •   Create a style file on your Target ReaderIf you are already blogging:
  •   Check out a few of your posts and see if they pass Grammarly
  •   Work out how often you are writing and see if you can up it if it needs it.
  •   Make sure your kindle is all up to date with interesting books
  •   Check your posting schedule and tweak if necessary
  •   Make sure you know how to use your chosen graphic program
  •   Are you reaching your target audience?
  •   Do you have a style file on target reader? Go you. If not create one
Writing for Your Reader 1

Writing for Your Reader 1